Panel construction, automation and Lamtec

IBT has its own control panel study, design and realisation department. CAE software is used to develop the electronic circuit diagrams, with due consideration for all relevant standards and guidelines. Each control panel is build to order on the basis of the customer’s specifications.

IBT is an official LAMTEC dealer.
The German company LAMTEC is specialised in the development of electronics and software for the automation of industrial furnaces. The LAMTEC sales programme includes flame detection systems, microprocessor-driven automatic burner controls and H2/CO analysers. These automatic controls communicate via special output cards (Profibus, CanOpen, Modbus, Interbus, Ethernet, Internet, etc). Communication with the boiler control units and other furnace attachments is also possible.

All furnace data is transferred to the central control room using the preferred communication protocol.

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